Our Story
Raychele's Perspective: How We Met

Odell and I met in 2011 when I was in my junior year of High School (his senior year) in an art class that we had together. I remember the first time that I truly noticed him like it was yesterday. I was talking to my friend Katie about how Moulin Rouge was one of our favorite movies and Odell (who sat behind us at the time) chimed in that it was one of his favorite movies too. For those of you who do not know, Moulin Rouge is a movie/musical about a dramatic love story between a penniless writer/poet named Christian and a gorgeous actress/courtesan named Satine. Katie and I quickly turned around with an "are you serious?" look on our faces, and Odell reassured us that yes, he knew exactly what movie we were talking about. After that Odell and I spoke to each other all of the time and eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend in front of the entire class. I played it off like I was real cool, but I was actually mortified that he asked me in front of everyone. Fast forward through the worst and the best memories, the break-ups & and make-ups, living apart to living together, saying "see you soon" when you decided to join the Marines, to saying "hello" every time we have been lucky enough that you have gotten to come home to me, fast forward 7 years later and here we are... Here we are writing our "How We Met" Stories on this wedding website. Life is so messy, but forgiving. So brutal, yet beautiful. Odell and I have been through so much, started and finished so many chapters already. I can't wait to start this chapter that will never have an ending... I can't wait to start our forever. I'll kiwi you forever and ever and after!

The Wedding

Friday, August 10, 2018
Attire: Cocktail Attire
Ceremony and Reception
St. Clarence Pavilion
30106 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070, USA

When you turn into the St. Clarence Church parking lot, the pavilion is all the way in the back to the left. 

Wedding Party

Sammie - Made of Honor
Sammo and I first became friends when she invited me to one of her (super cool and super legendary) well known middle school birthday parties. We had barely spoken before that, I wasn't really friends with her friends and I wasn't sure why she invited me but I went and it was all history from that moment on. We went from major sleepover prank wars, spending every summer in her pool, getting boyfriends, losing friends, making new friends, trying new (bad kid) things.....to graduating High School and ending up at the same college. Fast forward almost ten years later (wow TEN YEARS sammo) and she is still my very best friend. Although life has moved fast, we do and always will make time for one another. I will always cherish your ability to make me laugh....at you, at myself, at us. Thank you for being one of the most caring, loving, supportive, and funny women I have ever met. You are my Made of Honor but I am the one that is honored for having met you.  Best Friends for life, Jax and Dax for life. Love you! 
Kait - Bridesmaid
Kaitlyn and I first bonded when we played volleyball together in the 6th grade. She was the tallest and the funniest girl I ever met. To everyone else she was super nice, and superrrr shy until we got out of High School...I knew better. Over the years I have (sometimes the hard way lol) learned that Kait is the craziest woman that I'll ever meet in the best possible way. One of my favorite things about Kait is that no matter where Kait is, no matter how early it is, or if the person walking by looks like a total serial killer...if someone is about to pass kait ANYWHERE, she would of course smile, wave, and oh-so-innocently say, "Hi! How are you?" In her "drive-through" voice I like to call it. Hahaha...Let me be living proof that this is a trick that Kait uses to hide that she is the most ballsy, freaky, sassy, outspoken, outgoing, spur of the moment human you will ever walk past in your life. One of Kait's favorite sayings in life is, "Better to be the one who smiled, instead of the one that didnt smile back." That quote has taught me a lot, but Kaitlyn has taught me more. I will always cherish the many stages of our friendship... from making you laugh so hard that you pee your pants to crying on each other's shoulders when we need support. No matter where we are in our individual stages of life, I hope we always stay best friends. I couldn't imagine this day without your crazy butt by my side! Love you!!! 
Becca - Bridesmaid
Bex......its absolutely hilarious to me that there are so many crazy funny moments you have given me that I don't even know where to start with you. I became super close with Bex in middle school, we spent every summer together, had countless of sleepovers (with Kait and Sammie of course) and she very quickly became one of my favorite people. Everyone knows Becca is crazy... She is the funniest, loudest, most free-spirited, outgoing, doesn't-give-a-damn-about-what-you-think person in the room at all times. One of my faults is that I get embarrassed easily in public over the stupidest of things. There is a certain beauty about people who can do ridiculously embarrassing things in public and not give a single shit about it....I have always been thankful for all the moments where I find myself unembarrased, laughing like a loud idiot because I fell face first in a pile of mud in lakewood park, dropped something in a store, danced like a maniac in ATC (will never get old btw), stumbled into Beccas basement drunk (sorry Chris and Geegee)....all without a care in the world because my best friend was right beside me laughing too. Everyone knows becca is crazy...what some don't know is that she is also the most caring individual I think I've ever met, when she loves you, she loves you hard and unconditionally and never with judgement. You'll never know how much you've taught me or how much you mean to me. I couldn't be more thankful to have you by my side, not only on my wedding day but for the rest of my life. Love you! 
Jessica - Bridesmaid
Oh Jessie......you'll never know how much I love you. Despite what that uh picture of me looking up at your new born crib in disgust says, I was beside myself when I realized I got to be your big sister. You were the cutest, chubbiest, most chapped little baby I had ever seen and you're still the cutest thing I have ever seen. Even though you're an adult now and we get into big nasty sister fights sometimes, everytime we walk away from each other in anger you may not know, but I think about how I just yelled at that baby. That baby that would crawl into my bed from her top (or bottom) bunk depending on which one I convinced you I deserved to have that month. That baby that would scoot her butt down the stairs one stair at a time in the morning. That little curly headed baby that would cry and "tell on me" if I didn't want to play teacher that day. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the moments of pinning you down and making Jeffrey get me some water to spit on your face because.....well sometimes, just because... I enjoyed being your role model more. I hope when you look at me you still see someone youre proud of, because although we are all grown up now and there is some space between us you'll always be more than my sister, you will always be my best friend. I couldn't be more proud to call you my sister no matter how many times you steal..oh I'm sorry, "borrow" pretty much everything I own. I couldn't picture my life without you just like I couldn't picture my wedding day without you by my side. Please never stop calling me Deedee. I love you so much, poopy. 
Steve - Bros'maid

Steph and I met in the 7th grade through mutual friends, and have been best friends ever since. A lot of our beginning bonding experiences took place on the Grant Elementary play ground where our friend group would meet literally every day to play MULCH MAN. Not quite sure how we ever made it out of mulch man alive...but fast forward to countless summers and weekends spent together, school dances, college parties, college party/ raychele's birthday party horror stories and here I am ten years later still with the greatest guy I could ever ask for as a best friend. He has always been the most outspoken person I have ever met. He has always told me the truth no matter how funny, heartfelt, or brutal it is which is something I have come to greatly admire. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on, the one to make me laugh during or directly after I am done crying, for almost always being right and saying the right things, for being my music therapist and always sending me the most perfect songs exactly when I need them...thank you for being my rock through it all. I couldn't imagine where I would be in life without you. I couldn't do this without you. I love you more than you know! -Stacey Quinn

Adam - Bros'maid
Adam and I first met in our high school art class. I think our friendship started from him saying something funny and sarcastic, and me hitting him right back with something better. And that's pretty much how it's been ever since! Haha Adam is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. He's loyal, honest, caring, giving, funny, and free. He's always admiring the more important parts of life, and is always there for the friends he calls family. I'm not sure how I became lucky enough to be a part of that family but I'm so glad that I am and wouldn't trade it for anything. Although our friendship thrives off of challenging one another and sarcastic conversations, it has lasted this long and will last for a lifetime because of our honesty and care for one another. I can"t imagine my life or this day without a friend like you by my side. I love you more than I love Natures Bin! (I never loved Natures Bin and I still don't get it) 
Shelby - Junior Bridesmaid
Shelby is one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever met inside and out. She's daring, outgoing, smart, and funny. Anything she sets her mind to...she can do. From acrobatics, sports, dance routines, art making, or anything that sparks her interest, give her about 15 minutes and she's almost got it down. Although Syd and Shelby butt heads often (and I mean figuratively and literally butt heads) they are the most loving sisters. One moment you'll walk into a room and a full blown stuffed animal fight will be taking place, and the next they are curled up on the couch watching movies or laughing at each others inside jokes (that I still don't totally understand). Shelby's willingness to teach Sydney new things reminds me so much of myself with Jessica and Jeffrey playing teacher when they were young. Her kindness, understanding of others, and the way she gets along with just about anyone makes her one of my role models. However, her spirit and fire in her soul makes her one of my heroes. I couldn't imagine this day without you by my side. I love you more than you know! 
Sydney - Flower Girl
Sydney is one of my favorite people on this big planet. Her spunk, big personality, humor, and outgoing way of living her life makes her one of my idols. She goes from from the shyest person you've ever encountered to this little girl who is break dancing in the middle of Target without a care in the world, singing at the top of her lungs, and simultaneously laughing her butt off. While she at times will test you with her smart responses and quick wit, Syd is always making those around her laugh and smile. I couldn't imagine another more beautiful heathen dressed up in a dress to walk before me on my wedding day. I love you to pieces Sydney! 
Amari - Groomsman